Q: How I could get suitable machine for my ice cream shop? 

A: With the below information, we could recommend you a suitable machine.


 1. Which kind of ice cream you want to make? 

The popular option is soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato ice cream, sorbet, instant making fried ice cream, ice popsicle.


Soft Ice Cream is the most simple. You could use both the powder mix and liquid mix.

Just simply prepare the mix. pour into hopper.

Each hopper request at least 4 liters of mix. You could fill each 5 liter hopper maximum 6 liters of mix.

Press the AUTO button to activate the production mode, the machine will start making ice cream automatically.

At the very beginning, need wait about 15 minutes to make the 1st cone, then you could make the soft ice cream at any time.

When you feel the ice cream too soft to stand up, just need to wait about 1 to 2 minutes, you could continue to make ice cream.

Advantage of Soft Ice Cream Machine: Simple and easy to make ice cream


Instant making fried ice cream is to freshly make ice cream. Each serving you just need to use 50g to 100g of ice cream mix.

You could easily customize the flavor of each serving according to the requirement of your customer.

You do not need to prepare much mix for each time. You could prepare just 1 liter of mix at one time.

You need to make each serving by hand. Your customer could see the whole ice cream making process. just like an ice cream making show.

Advantage of Instant making fried ice cream: Fresh, Live ice cream making show


About gelato ice cream, sorbet, for the 7.5 liters cylinder, each time you could fill 2.5 to 3.5 liters of mix, wait about 15 minutes, the gelato ice cream and sorbet is ready.

After dispensing all the gelato ice cream sorbet from cylinder, you could harden by a harden cabinet or a blast freezer for 5 to 10 minutes, then put into a slide door ice cream freezer for display and sell.

Harden process is not a must. According to your budget, you could put the ice cream into an ice cream freezer directly after dispensing. So you could save the cost for buying an ice crean harden cabinet.

After dispensing, you could add the toppings sauces you want to the ice cream.

Advantage of gelato ice cream, sorbet: You could use any your local ingredients like fruits, vegetable you want to make ice cream and sorbet. Each time could make many ice cream. Good choice for doing ice cream distribution for other ice cream shop, bakery shop, restaurant.


About ice popsicle.

After prepare the mix, pour into the popsicle mold.

At the very beginning, the freezing agent takes about one and a half to two hours to reach the temperature -18C.

Then you could place the popsicle mold into tank for making popsicle.

Each batch takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

When the popsicle is ready, take out the popsicle mold from tank, demold by warm water, hardnen by a harden cabinet for 5 to 10 minutes, then the popsicle is ready for decoration and package.

According to budget, you could directly put the popsicle into a slide door ice cream freezer for display and sell.

Advantage of ice popsicle: Make fruit ice, gelato ice cream, sorbet on a stick, convenient for eating. Each time could make many popsicle.

Good choice for doing ice cream distribution for other ice cream shop, bakery shop, restaurant.


2. After deciding which kind of ice cream to make, now you could choose the machine production capacity

The machine production capacity mainly depend on how big quantity of ice cream you could sell in a day.

At the beginning of business, a machine of small to medium capacity is recommended.

When your ice cream business become bigger and bigger, you could buy a machine of higher production capacity.


3. Input voltage?

Input voltage is the power supply which is available in your ice cream shop?

Input voltage for machine lower than 2Kw could be made of 220V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz.

Input voltage for machine higher than 2Kw could be made of 220V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz.


4. Refrigerant?

The widely used refrigerant including R22, R404, R410A

R22, compressor lower cost, economic, but some country not allow of usage. R404A,compressor higher cost, environmental friendly.

R410A, an economic choice of environmental friendly refrigerant.


5. Machine configuration

According to budget, a machine of basic configuration is good and commercial enough for an ice cream shop.

If you have any specific requirement, welcome to tell us, our experienced staff could satisfy your different requirements.


If you have any questions on ice cream, welcome contact us, our professional staff could provide you some suggestions. Thank you!